Playboy Attack

Sensual games and entertainment come from the hand of Playboy Attack but with the touch that only knows how to Playboy TV.

A team of seven girls Playboy, commanded by a brilliant leader, walk the streets of the city recruiting men for them to live a unique experience. They will participate, along with our girls of exciting games in a truck specially designed for the occasion, and demonstrate that not always the weaker sex is female.

Each contestant won the "Hot Truck" will compete against a friend in the "Nude Games" where the bunnies will make their own to persuade and devolved, but the winners will be rewarded.

Fun, glamorous and adrenaline are the main spices of this program who have a dream final, a Playboy TV viewer is going to direct your own fantasy in the "Director Dreams" and the best thing is that you can see it come true.

Playboy Attack, much more than a game show.

Starring: Lucia Cabello, Melina Marín, Rocío Lorena Marmol, Mariel Romano, Valeria Rossatti, Giselle Miramontes, Barbara Nahir Tornatore and Flavia Giselle Medina


@ Rp. 40.000,-/DVD*
*belum termasuk ongkos kirim


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